To remove the background from an image is not a hard task if the image has a solid,constant background color,or the object you want to isolate has a shape without difficult details or easy to select edges.As more details an object has,as more work is needed and as more difficult is to remove its background without to lose the quality.Details in images like hair or complex objects with multiple edges, make it a more difficult task that will probably require more than one technique to separate them from their background.And it might be required an expert to do the job that will keep the quality of such a higher complexity image editing.But in this post we will see how to remove the background of an image with simple complexity,meaning that the object we will isolate has a simple shape without any difficult details.We will use Photoshop to remove the background in this example,and the Quick Selection Tool.

So let`s start by opening the image we will edit,in Photoshop:

Remove Background From Image

In the next step we will select the “Quick Selection Tool” that will help us select our object with ease:

Remove Background From Image_2

Depending on how wide or narrow is the surface we want to select,we can adjust the size of the area (in pixels) the quick selection tool will select in each click we do when hovering on our desired object:


Now that we have selected and adjusted the quick selection tool,we will go ahead and select the object we want to keep in our image,by placing our cursor on it and clicking to make the selection:

Remove background from image selected

Now that we have selected our object,we will go on the “Select” tab and in the drop down menu we will click on “Inverse”. Doing this,we will inverse the selection we have made ,and the pixels that will be now selected will be anything but our object:

Remove Background From Image - Inverse Selection

After we have inverse selection,we will go in “Edit” tab and in the drop down menu we will click on “Clear”:

Remove Background From image-Clear

And ,magic!Here we have our object without its previous background:

Background Removed

Now we can further manipulate it and apply several effects on it and make it look totally differently!We can for example apply the Drop Shadow Effect on it and give it a 3d look ,that will make it look alive,and will make a better impression to the viewers and will more probably make them click it and come to where we have list this product to take a further look on it and maybe buy it!

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