Packshot product photography is a technique to present products commercially and it offers several benefits and advantages. Packshot photos are still or moving images, that present product. Often in the photos are included the packaging, labeling, different variants and sizes of the same product, so to make a complete product presentation and provide all the different options that compliment the product. In the cases of packshot rotating images, the result of the technique is a real 3D view of an object, that gives a complete view and impression of it, which is like holding it in your hands. Think of these types of photos as like you are looking at a watch in a watch shop vitrine, for the still packshot type, and as like you are looking at a watch, set on a turn base that turns around, for the moving packshot type of photos.
To achieve such a result is needed a set of still photos in different angles. The product is placed on a turntable and several photos are taken from all the different angles, and then by editing them and putting them all together the result is a 3D view perspective, a very realistic view that can be used in websites, commercials, and more.

The technique is ideal for eCommerce shops selling and presenting products, clothes, electronics, e.t.c. and gives a realistic idea of the object, and so is useful and provides a better experience to the viewers. The result of the technique has been proven to improve the performance of websites that sell online. The result of the packshot photo has a great impact in sales, as not only it grabs the attention of more viewers, but also because it provides more detailed information in a more artistic way, for what it shows. The 360° rotating photos is a very powerful way to demonstrate products and objects. Packshot photo is a “premium technique” that provides “premium results”.

360 Packshot Photography

Equipment Needed To Create Packshot Photos

The packshot photography technique needs specific equipment and is taking place within a studio, where the appropriate equipment is present, and other technical matters can be facilitated, like lights, backgrounds, e.t.c. Is not a technique that everyone can use. Even if the top technologic gear is available, one needs to have the advanced photographing knowledge to achieve professional results.

Benefits & Advantages Of Packshot Photography

Packshot-photography Packshot photos can present products in a way that shows all the details from all the different angles and so to give a real view that will help viewers decide if what they see is what they are looking for. Packshot photos is a great tool to present products online or where ever a packshot photo is applicable, and it gives a more professional look to any business.

As previously said, using Packshot photos can have a great impact on sales, and really someone selling products should use this kind of photos. After all the purpose to present products is all about sales. Packshot photos could help improve the overall look and impression of a website and improve conversions and sales rate.
So, when a new product is about to be released, a packshot photo is one of the most important options that should be considered to professionally present it. Think of packshot photo as the most effective type of photo to commercially present products.

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