Vector Tracing is a photo editing technique that converts bitmap images (.bmp,.jpg,.png,e.t.c.) into vectors (.SVG or Scalable Vector Graphics) and is provided as service by photo editors using the appropriate photo editing tools such as Adobe Illustrator (A.I.) or Corel Draw. Not every photo editing tool can convert bitmap images to vectors.

How Vector Graphics Are Made

As bitmap images are made of pixels, when they get magnified are getting pixelated, meaning that they get blur or distorted. But vectors are made of mathematical algorithms that make them look the same clear in any size they are scaled. As vectors are made of mathematical algorithms, they can be drawned by writing the appropriate code (XML). Are mostly used to draw simple images and shapes, but even more complex images can be made with vectors.

Vector Tracing

Vector Tracing technique is very useful for very many uses. In today`s internet era where every individual or company and organization needs to have a website for their online presence, converting bitmap images to vector images in several instances provides the advantage of clear photos and graphics on any computer or smartphone or tablet screen, keeping the quality of a website in high standards, providing viewers and visitors the best possible experience.
Vector tracing is ideal to for logos, brouchers, billbaords, visitcards, computer-controlled sewing machines, animations, creative art, printing and more.

The Practical Usage Advantages Of Vector Graphics

While the Vector graphics are not the appropriate format for every use, they provide certain advantages in certain cases,like:

-in use in websites they provide a better experience to the viewer as they don`t get blur when magnified or minified. Aswell they are smaller size files, which means that websites load faster, where speed is a factor on rankings.

-Vector is the ideal format for logos, as they can be used in websites, company cards, and can be printed in any scale from a tiny picture to a bilboard advertisement.

-are perfect for printing in clothes, as they can get adjusted in any size to fit anywhere, and keep looking exactly the same clear.

-are ideal for animations and presentations.

Vector Printing

The Disandvantages of Vectors

As said before, Vectors can`t be used everywhere. There are features in images, that make pixel based photos more appropriate to use, as Vectors can`t be same realistic as raster images, as in raster images every pixel has its own properties who is not possible to be achieved in vectors.

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