1. Well, we are located in Dhaka Bangladesh and we are in a low-cost labor area of the world. This is a great advantage for you to enjoy highest quality photo editing services at the lowest prices you can find!
  2. The quality of our services remains at highest levels as our top priority is to provide the best photo editing outcomes possible and keep our customers 100% satisfied!
  3. That`s why we only accept payments only after you have confirmed your 100% satisfaction!
  4. So don`t wait any longer, the faster you upload your photos for editing in our website, the faster you will get them back!
  5. Depending on the complexity of each photo the price will vary.We classify the photos to be edited from Simple up to Extra Hard Complexity and when you agree for the classification we then proceed to provide our services.
  6. In case you want your projects to be prioritized and get your photos back sooner, the price will also vary as you will be charged extra.
  7. We also provide discounts on bulk orders. So in case you have many photos to edit please contact us to close a specific deal for your cash