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Clipping Path – What it is by Technical Terms

A clipping path is a photo editing technique that creates a closed vector path that includes (surrounds) a desired element of a photo.When clipping path is applied,then the elements outside of the vector path will be omitted and the elements inside the vector path will remain as they are.So for example,when you have taken a photo focused of an specific object,but in the background there other unrelated elements that don`t fit in,then you can just create a clipping path around your object and remove the rest.
The inside and the outside of the clipping path is defined by its direction.So for example ,when a clipping path is created and includes a ball (inclusive clipping path),when reversing its direction the ball will be the excluded element of the path (exclusive clipping path).
This technique is used to isolate the desired elements in photos and removes (cuts out) what is unwanted in a photo . Depending of the ability of the editor and the ability of the photo editing software,the outcome may vary,meaning that perfect results down to single pixel can be achieved.

There is also the “compound path” that is made from both inclusive and exclusive paths.
A compound path is a combination of multiple inclusive and exclusive paths.For example, an inclusive path which contains a smaller exclusive path results in a shape with an “empty space” (which has been defined by the exclusive path).

Watch The Video Below To Get A better Idea Of The “Compound Path”

Photo Editing Software Used To Apply Clipping Path

Today with the technology on photo editing software ever evolving,there are numerous tools that can be used to apply the clipping path technique in photos.
Adobe Photoshop,Adobe InDesign,Adobe Illustrator,Gimp, and many other software have the ability to create clipping paths.

Creating a Clipping Path In Photoshop

Creating a Clipping Path In Photoshop

Is Clipping Path Really Useful?

As said above,clipping path is used to isolate objects or specific areas within a photo.By isolating an object in your photo,then you can further edit it and apply several other effects that will give to your desired object a totally different look!You can apply shadow dropping effect,stroke, and many other effects.
So it is easy to understand that being able to isolate an object and then make it look amazing, clipping path technique is very useful for any use.
For those who sell online through their own e-commerce/e-shop sites or for those who list their products in sites like Amazon and eBay,listing product photos that grab viewers attention on their first glance is a requirement for success.But also for photos of personal interest like wedding photos or other similar events,clipping path can be applied to edit and make them look stunning!

Apply Clipping Path In Your Product Photos To Increase Conversions & Sales

If you are selling your products in the web and you list them in your own sites or in any site,your product photos is a key point of your success ,PERIOD.Is the point where a click is won and a potential buyer is coming into your sales mechanism.When the click is won by your competitors then is more likely that you lose a potential sale.
Listing product photos that don`t make viewers click them results in getting less traffic to your sites where you have listed your products, so most likely, less conversions if any at all.
But when you make your products photos look amazing,then your possibilities to win more clicks and make more sales is definitely increased!

Listing product photos online is not just an upload action ,but is rather a point which needs special attention.

Clipping Path Service Providers

Clipping Path Service is the photo editing service provided by individuals experts or companies that make your photos look as you order.High quality results in clipping path require expertise and sophisticated software.Is easy to find such services online as they are plenty existing.Prices between providers may vary,as prices are depended on the location of the provider.For example a clipping path service provider from USA will most likely charge a lot more than a provider located somewhere in Asia,where everything costs less.
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