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Drop Shadow Effect – How It Transforms Your Photos

The Drop Shadow effect makes shadowed objects look more interesting and more realistic.It separates them from the background by making them look like they are floating above or in the front of the background.The effect duplicates the shape of the object and the shadow gives the feeling of light falling on the object from a certain angle,depending on where the shadow is dropped.The properties of the dropped shadow like the size,color,distance and spread can be adjusted in photo editing software and provide even more options on how the object and the photo will look like.Is not a difficult effect to apply when you know how and have the appropriate photo editing software.
Drop Shadow effect can be created by using photo editing tools,but it also can be created in text typed in websites by using code.Both,used in graphics or in text,this effect makes objects look more vibrant and when you are looking to them on a screen you think you can catch them with your hands!It really triggers emotions and grabs the viewer`s eye.

Drop Shadow Effect

The Advantages Of Drop Shadow Effect In Online Business

The drop shadow is a very useful and powerful effect and has been measured by internet marketers and webmasters to be also very effective regarding clickthrough and conversion rates in online advertising and on websites.Photos with shadow effect have shown bigger percentages of acquired clicks and more sales than the same photos with out it, when several A/B Split Tests had been done. Is a great effect to use when presenting products online or when designing websites or on other online applications.
This effect can bring a great advantage for those who sell online,but also offline when they present catalogs with photos of products.Grabbing the attention of viewers with beautiful and realistic graphics and photos and make them click on them,is a key point of success and the first step to convert a random viewer into a buyer!If you have your own e-shop or e-commerce website ,or you are selling online by listing your product photos on other`s websites,then you may have notice the importance of having beautiful eye catching graphics.Beautiful graphics are important ,as once the attention of a random viewer is grabbed and then clicks on the graphic/photo,then automatically starts the conversion procedure.Just right after the click is made,you acquire a great advantage against your competitors,as the viewer is now already in your sales mechanism (and not on your competitors) and is in the procedure to get converted from a simple visitor into a buyer!Isn`t that what everybody who sells online trying to achieve?So think no more!Make your photos look like they can talk,and start showing to your audiences clear and beautiful photos and graphics that the viewers will love to click them and come in your websites to buy your offers and products!

Drop Shadow Effect

BravoClipping.com – Drop Shadow Service

Here in BravoClipping.com we have great experience in photo editing,and we can apply highest quality drop shadow effect and transform your flat lifeless looking photos into photos that look vibrant,ready to speak to your visitors and make them click them and come in your websites!We use the best photo editing tools that exist today to edit photos and we turn them back to you in the best condition they could be!
Our unbeatable prices and turnaround times is another reason why you should start uploading your photos right now without a second thought!So click the button below to upload your photos on our safeguarded server,or contact us in case you need to place a bulk order and get a decent discount!And if you are still not convinced about how drop shadow effect can positively impact your business,just take our Free Trial option and upload two of your photos.We will send them back to you the fastest possible so you can place them on your site and see by yourself the difference in clicks you will acquire ,against your same unedited ones!

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