Why you make contact product image editor for magento?

Magento is an e-commerce platform that builds on an open-source technology that provides online merchants with a shopping cart system that is very flexible. It also provides merchants with control over the look, functionality, and content of their online stores. Product image editor for Magento is important for enhancing products photos so that they can capture the attention of shoppers. Shoppers always want to see good images of products they are searching to have confidence that they match their expectations.

The way an image brings out colors, styles and other qualities of a product on Magento can make or break opinion by shoppers concerning a product. Although Magento was designed for use by people who are not developers, it is not mediocre. It offers powerful marketing, catalog management, and SEO tools. As one of the top platforms, it requires e-commerce owners to have quality images for products on sale if they are to be noticed at all.

Due to the rapid growth of digital photography, it is important for online store owners to present quality photos. It has created a need for superior image/photo editing software that helps with editing and organization of collections.

Why e-commerce owner needs product photo editing

Because online shopping does not allow viewing of an actual product, visitors to online stores will definitely want to see product image. If the images are large, customers spend less time to look at their individual choices and entire collection. Less is usually more, therefore the images should not be too small or too many because customers find it hard to decide what to buy. It is also distracting because the website appears to be cluttered.

E-commerce owners on Magento, therefore, need product image editor because it enables them to do all the following:

  1. Size: An image editor helps to get the right size that is big enough to be noticed by shoppers without compromising on website quality
  2. Zoom: An image editor helps to highlight fine details by using zoom functionality.
  3. Align: Editing e-commerce images with the same alignment provides a sense of consistency and entire site. Consistency improves overall feel and looks of the site.
  4. Shadow: Product image editor enables e-commerce store owners to use post-production techniques and add shadows to product images. Shadows work wonders on product shots. A light shadow with correct lighting adds more depth to product images.
  5. Enhance colors: Products colors are important for showing to customers. Image editor helps to adjust colors so that they come are seen well. This is quite important for fashion products.
  6. Accessories: You can add use image editor for Magento to add accessories to a product shot for the purpose of showing the functionality of an item. An accessory should not be added for sake of it. It should be vital for demonstrating a product otherwise it shall distract attention.
  7. Changing or improve background: A plain, clear white background is perfect for making various products to stand out. An image editor can be used to improve or change the background for an image on Magento to allow it to be transferred to various platforms and websites for marketing.

Benefits from photo editing service to e-commerce owner

Prospective customers browse online stores when they already have a good idea about what they want to buy. When a customer browses an e-commerce store, their expectation is to see a detailed image of a product so as to get a proper feel about the appearance of a product, size or color.

Product image editor for Magento helps e-commerce owners to make improvement son their products if they do not convey a proper look. It makes it possible to work on a product that appears too big, too small or is blurred and make it appealing to visitors.

Magento product image editor helps e-commerce owners to adjust their product images till they reach the standard that inspires shoppers to buy an item. The main reason why an edited image inspires the customer to make a purchase is:

  • Customers become certain about how exactly an item, therefore, get an impulse to buy it.
  • A good image will reflect well on identity, brand, and image of an e-commerce site making visitors to stay longer and look at images of other products in addition to what they were purchasing.

Product image is the beginning of product information creating a positive experience for potential customers. Internet Retail Conference and Exhibition carried out a survey and 75% of respondents chose quality product images as the most important trait of online shopping.

How does photography editing help an e-commerce owner make more sales?

Photography editing is essential for anyone doing e-commerce because it is the process that makes products to look livelier and expressive enough to attract customers. Good product images lure customers to products because websites are mostly about expressive images and minimal caption to describe a product. Well edited photos impress potential customers converting their interest to a site and remain wedged to it.

Photography editing for e-commerce images helps to increase sales to increase sales of an online store and brand because:

  • Customers get an opportunity to better understand a product if they can find high-quality photos focusing on multiple angles
  • Well edited photos boost your brand by making it more recognizable. Recognizable brands, in turn, build trust among the customers.
  • Potential customers look at things such product reviews, options and even make comparison among competitors. This is why photo editing is important. An e-commerce owner who edits photos to creates enticing product photos that entice potential customers to overlook other options and buy a product.

In conclusion, we can say rate product image editing in this way.


  1. Well edited photos are likely to be shared more on social media which is a form of marketing
  2. Editing saves the cost of hiring a cameraman or camera equipment again
  3. You do not have to spend other time to shoot products
  4. It provides complete control of branding and aesthetic of product photos to an e-commerce owner who has the better idea on what to highlight


  1. There is a possibility of not getting expected result
  2. Editing means taking some time from e-commerce
  3. It will create conflict if the rights to a product image belong to a photographer