Savvy and successful online entrepreneurs know the crucial value of a reliable online photo editing service with professionals who can deliver the agreed results, even exceed expectations. In the digital age when the modern adage about a single photo speaking a thousand words and conveying a thousand emotions rings true, posting the best possible photos on your website is a must. This is true whether you have an e-commerce portal with increasing traffic, a blog with a growing following, or a social media account with more followers on board.

Online Photo Editing Service in Business

We live in an age where virtually everybody owns a camera, strives to be a better photographer, and critiques photos created by themselves and others, especially on social media like Instagram, Flicker, and Facebook. The importance of posting high-quality photos to promote your products and services cannot then be overemphasized as your target customers will judge your brand’s credibility partly according to its related images.

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Studies have also proven the importance of photos on websites. In the 2012 Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition, Lauren Freedman, The E-tailing Group’s president, said that in a survey, 75% of consumers who view a retailer’s online product page consider the quality of the image as very important. Keep in mind that the quality of the image refers to the right balance between color and contrast, the right saturation, and the right composition, among other technical and visual aspects of photography. Furthermore, customers think that the overall quality of the photos is more important than ratings and reviews, lengthy product descriptions, and product-specific information.

This is where a reliable online photo editing service provider comes to your rescue.

Aside from the quality of the image, the survey participants also asserted that alternative views of the items (66%), zoom-in capabilities (61%), and ability to see the product in different colors (68%) are just as important. You have to work with the photo editor for these purposes as well as with a copywriter for the product guides and product comparisons since these are considered important, too.

This is true in other online activities, too. Articles, press releases, and blog posts with relevant images are more likely to get more views and comments such that articles with photos garner 94% more views and press releases with images have more than 45% increase in views.

But why stop with your online store when engaging a dependable online photo editing service provider? You will also enjoy the higher engagement rate on social media, including Facebook, when you have high-quality photos posted. You will observe more than 35% higher level of engagement for your Facebook posts when these have striking photos as well as interesting text to accompany them.

The bottom line: No matter where your photos will be posted, whether on your e-commerce website, on third-party websites, or on social media, you should have the images edited by the best service provider first. Your returns on investment, including higher online traffic and conversions, may even be beyond your expectations!

Choosing the Type of Photo Editing Services

Just keep in mind that not all photo editing services will address your specific needs and wants in high-quality photos. You have to make careful considerations of the type of photo editing services needed, their costs and benefits, and desired results, among others. You have to remember that choosing the provider is as important as choosing the types of services that should be performed.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing the right provider:

-Ask for referrals from your family and friends. People engage the services of an online photo editing service provider for a wide range of purposes including weddings, anniversaries, and corporate events, among others. You can make a shortlist of the professionals in the industry from these referrals as well as from your research on the Internet.

-Research on the suitability of the providers for your needs and wants. You may want advanced Photoshop techniques coupled with a certain aesthetics, which not all photo editors will be able to meet.

-Look at the portfolio of the providers. You should be able to judge the professional competence and creative vision of the providers based on their body or work as well as on their customers’ testimonials.

-Discuss your business requirements for the job. You have to be as clear as possible with your job parameters – what the photos are, where these will be used, and how these should appear in the final draft, for example – so as to avoid misunderstandings about the results.

Your diligence in finding the right photo editing provider will pay off in handsome rewards in many ways. You have a valuable partner in promoting your brand as well as its products and services where high-quality photos for your official website, marketing materials (e.g., brochures, catalogs, and leaflets), articles, press releases, and blogs are concerned.

Types to Choose From

Emphasis must be made that not all types of online photo editing service are created equal in terms of the results. You have to closely discuss with the image editing professional about your specific requirements for the photos as the types of software and steps will vary for each job. You and your image editor will likely choose one or more of these services with the fees varying depending on the scope, complexity, and number of images in the project.

The clipping path technique involves highlighting certain parts of the image while also removing the undesirable parts.

The background removal method results in the removal of unsuitable backgrounds and their replacement with better backgrounds while also ensuring better resolution of the main image.

The neck joint technique involves the removal of clothes hangers and mannequins, even the human form, from the image such that the clothes appear to float in space.

The drop shadow effect process results in objects appearing to be lighted from a certain angle thus their floating-in-air look, either in front of or above the background.

The image enhancement service results in more polished images worthy to be placed in editorial spreads, product catalogs, and marketing materials.

These are just a few of the photo editing services that Bravo Clipping can provide for interested individuals and institutions. You can contact them for all of your photo enhancements needs and wants for your business and personal needs, which its 45-strong team of image editing professionals will strive to address with the right results delivered at the right time.

You also have the choice of more affordable manual Photoshop services, which are cost-efficient because you spend less money but you get better results than with its competitors. You can even contact them for photo restoration services wherein your damaged or faded photos will be manipulated to restore them to their former glory, even make them more striking than the originals while respecting the integrity and intent of the images.

Using Photos for Higher Conversions

But even with high-quality photos, you have to be careful about using them in your website. You must remember that while a photo can speak a thousand words, it can make or break your business based on its impact on the viewers, its relevance to your brand, and its placement, among other factors. You may actually have to put more time, energy and effort into thinking about these factors than into choosing the types of image editing service.

Your goal is to ensure that the photos posted on your website will contribute to higher traffic, conversions, and referrals. For this reason, you are well-advised to keep these expert tips in mind when choosing the right types of photos for your e-commerce portal.

Show the product in the best light. Your chosen photo should highlight the product’s benefits in terms of its appearance, features, and functions. You are essentially conveying its benefits and, thus, encouraging customers to purchase, review, and refer it to their family and friends.

Use customized, if not unique, photos. You should never use stock photos on your website if and when you want to build and maintain credibility for your business and brand. Your target customers will see your brand as a “lazy brand unwilling to spend the time, effort and money for custom images”. You can easily cull stock photos online and your photo editor will enhance them but be doing so will not do wonders for your bottom line.

Use high-quality photos in conjunction with the text. You have to use images in directing the flow of the viewers’ eyes that, in turn, can influence their flow of thoughts and encourage them to take action. For example, the photos become the website’s directional cues to crucial elements including headlines, lead generation forms, call to action buttons, and buy now links.

Ultimately, your choice in the best online photo editing service provider is just the start of your successful journey in using photos to promote your business, increase its sales, and enhance its brand, among other goals. You have to use the edited photos in a way that maximizes their impact on your target customers – and that’s your job, not the editor’s job.

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