What Are Your Payment Options?

We accept payments by PayPal,Visa,Visa Electron,Maestro,MasterCard,American Express,Direct Debit or Solo.We also accept payments directly to our bank account.
We accept payments when you confirm your 100% satisfaction for the editing results we provide.In case there will be any edited photos that don`t satisfy you at 100% ,you can ask us to reedit until you get the result you want.Only then,we will send you the final invoice and the way to pay it.

Can I get a free trial?

Absolutely!We offer a two photos Free Trial for all our services,so you can test and judge by yourself our awesome photo editing services.Get your Free Trial Now!

How can you offer such a low and competitive pricing?

We are located in Dhaka Bangladesh and we are in a low labor cost area.This is giving you the advantage to enjoy our services in the lowest prices possible!The quality of our work is not affected by the low editing cost,as our top aim is to satisfy 100% our customers!

Do you give discounts on high volume orders?

Absolutely!We provide custom rates for orders of 3000 images/month.You can contact our office and arrange your order and discount.

How long will it take you to complete my order?

We start working on final orders immediately after they are placed,so this makes our turnaround times
the fastest possible.Anyhow,the complexity and the bulk of your order is what defines the time needed to be completed.So for example for small orders for up to 20 photos,you may take your photos back within 6 to 12 hours,while most of the orders are delivered within 24 hours.We can prioritize a project in an urgent case.You will need to let us know by contacting us and explain us your need.

What if I am not satisfied with your editing outcome?

In case we send you back your photos and are not looking perfect,then,most likely the outcome couldn’t be any better.In this case we will provide additional and complimentary editing until you are 100% without extra charge.

What if i m not satisfied with your editing outcome?

If we turn your photos back and they are not in their best outcome,then,most likely,the outcome couldn’t be any better.But in such a case we will provide immediately additional and complimentary editing without charging extra cost.

Are all my photos safe and secure with BravoClipping?

Your photos and your orders are 100% safe with BravoClipping.com.All our employees have signed a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and teye don`t have any other involvement with your photos other than apply the editing service you instruct us to.As for viruses,malware and other electronic threats,we do our best to secure your photos by using best firewalls and antivirus software in each of our computers.

Can you standardize my images for eBay or Amazon?

Absolutely!We know very well the Amazon and Ebay requirements and also we know very well the importance of posting nice looking product photos!Actually we make your product photos look amazing and help you increase your sales!

How can I upload or download my images?

We provide several different ways to upload/download your photos.Our options are Hightail.com,Dropbox.com and WeTransfer.com and also is available the FTP option.

What image format do you use?

We provide outcomes in the format you specify,whether you ask for .JPG,.TIFF,.PSD,or .PNG.If there is any other format you need your project to be delivered on,you will have to let us know.

Can i upload my photos using FTP?

Yes, definitely. We highly recommend you use the free FileZilla program to connect to BravoClipping FTP site, which can be found at https://filezilla-project.org/

Do i get notified when my project is done?

Definitely!You will receive an email once your images are done and ready to download,most often before you expect!

Do I have to make a deposit?

No you don`t!We will ask for payment once you confirm your 100% satisfaction!

Can I set up a recurring weekly or monthly payment?

Yes, we provide an option for this case. We create an invoice with all the necessary information about the orders of our clients who make a lot of bulk orders during the year to make it more comfortable for them to pay.We send the invoice and when is checked that everything is in order they can proceed to the payment.